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Through our network and our offices, we can provide you with optimal support. Our focus is on consistent customer orientation and long-term partnership.

Interhealth was founded by me as an owner-operated family business in the heart of Germany. The idea was as simple as it was brilliant.

How can I protect myself optimally and be sure that the products are safe? Of course, I have asked myself many questions: What does the customer expect from the products and how practicable should they be for daily use? As my team has a high level of expertise and the focus is on service, we were able to integrate many of our customers' suggestions into an attractive product range. Interhealth products should give the customer the security that meets my own high standards. Therefore, all products are tested and/or certified. Creating trust in the product is only possible through transparency, which is why all test reports can be viewed online. But it was also very important to me to have the possibility to contact a personal contact person immediately in case of questions. Interhealth is also characterized by a high level of innovation, and as an owner I took the opportunity to invest in an innovative company and product. The start-up DieSchutzbox offers the protection box exclusively with Interhealth products.

Further information:
Of course, the Covid 19 crisis has sharpened people's minds and the need for safe products, and we provide the necessary security with Interhealth products. Thank you for your trust in our products.

Best regards,
Joachim Schäfer
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Certification of our products

All our products are manufactured according to the latest research results and to a pharmacy quality level. Test reports or necessary certificates for transport are available on request.

Through our continual customer orientation, we are happy to receive suggestions or proposals for improvement and can be contacted at any time via email or telephone.