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Face mask
The 3-layer disposable protective masks protect against harmful particles such as airborne biological organisms and viruses and have a 94% seal.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap. Apply mouth-nose protection with the loops behind the ears. Place over the mouth and nose.
sanitizer gel
The hand disinfectant is an alcoholic hand disinfectant gel with over 70% ethanol for use against 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The gel offers:
Coronavirus effectiveness within hygienic hand disinfection Glycerine for increased skin hydration Excellent tolerance even with long-term use
disinfection cloths
Acts quickly against bacteria, yeast fungi, enveloped viruses and rotaviruses. Very good skin compatibility. One cloth contains: Active ingredients: ethanol, purified water, PP fleece cloth.

For hygienic hand disinfection. Wipe dry hands with at least one wet cloth for about 30 seconds.
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Certification of our products

All our products are manufactured according to the latest research results and in a quality at pharmacy level. Of course we will provide you with our test reports or necessary certificates for transport on request.

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